Natural Convection

Today, as always. Ancient and natural

Natural convection is the oldest method of heating known to man, and has been in use since Roman times. So why not enjoy the same natural warmth, comfort and relaxation when we return to our homes in the evening? Ravelli natural convection pellet stoves are modern interpretations of this ancient and natural method of heating.

What is natural convection?

If temperature varies from one area of a room to another, currents of air develop as the result of differences in air density. Warm air is less dense than cold air and therefore tends to rise. In the same way, because cold air is denser, it is also heavier and tends to fall. Natural convection stoves draw in cold air currents from the floor and turn them into warm air currents directed upwards.

Self-cleaning precision cast brazier

Technology evolves and therewith increase the benefits that you can enjoy: we created a self-cleaning precision cast brazier rethinking the concepts of primary and secondary air, creating a system that is not affected by the blockage and that guarantees impeccable clean. The teeth of the pad that comes with the brazier guarantee both the cleanliness of air passages and that of any residue, creating a system that raises the overall level of performance maximizing its energy efficiency.

Clever solutions for more effectiveness

The technologically advanced Hermetic System has been devised to take the combustion air directly from outside. The presence of only one duct that conveys combustive air, air used for lighting and air for glass cleaning, avoids taking air away from the domestic environment. This particular technology is especially suitable for passive houses and houses equipped with mechanical ventilation systems.