Ravelli Group

Ravelli is one of world’s biggest producer of stoves, fireplaces, boilers and cookers that operate using renewable energy such as pellets and wood.
With 20 years of history as leading player in the industry, Ravelli has successfully progressed from a family owned business to a managerial organization thanks to the support of an institutional investor.
Ravelli exports the “Made in Italy” brand in over 40 countries with a strong presence in Europe, through a wide network of agents and distributors, and two subsidiaries in USA and France.
Ravelli also sells in South Africa, Chile, Japan and New Zealand ensuring a strong geographical presence in all the 5 continents.
Ravelli’s business development program aims to further consolidate its position in the industry
through important investments in Research and Innovation and market expansion.
Thanks to the attention to design and state-of-the-art technologies that characterize both brands,
Ravelli offers a wide range of excellent products in terms of energy efficiency and quality.
Finally, the attention Ravelli pays to its after sales service is aimed at guaranteeing the total satisfaction of its customers.


Research & Development

The Technical Department is the place where our engineers design new models and cutting edge technologies with a constant focus on innovation, reliability and environmental sustainability, bringing the heat to its maximum expression.
Products then pass in the Test Area where they are tested to ensure their reliability and durability.
The Lab, consists in a team of engineers, working in close collaboration with the technical department to build products with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and safety.
On completion of normal laboratory testing, all models are then certified by the most important European Institutions: these certifications formally attest the testing and approval of the product in conformity with the Institution’s standards, giving concrete proof of quality, safety and total compliance with environmental standards.
These certifications mean that quality becomes a solid value fulfilling the client’s expectations, setting a sealed guarantee of the product’s design, manufacture, safety and function.


100% Tested

Every Ravelli stove has undergone practical testing by a team of professional testers and is certified according to the strictest standards in force in order to guarantee maximum reliability and 100% safety at all times…