The company distributes its products through a network of specialized dealers. The decision to collaborate with specialized operators is linked to the desire to provide the best customer service: a competent operator can provide advice in selecting the product, ensuring adequate support for installation and service. In particular the Aftersale Service is able to ensure the best service and safety.



Ravelli neither sells directly to the public nor sell its products online. In order to safeguard final customers during the purchase phase, Ravelli suggests to address only Authorized Dealers and Service Centres active in their country, that are constantly trained and updated by Ravelli.
Ravelli is not responsible for the online offerings of its products, neither for the content of those sites, links and banners.
Furthermore, given the technical nature of products such as stoves and fireplaces, Ravelli recommends to have their installation made only by qualified personnel that possess the certifications required by local law. For any maintenance to be made during the warranty period, the customer has the right to contact his/her dealer.
According to the European Community law, warranty has to be granted by the dealers to their Customers.
Before making any purchase on the internet, Ravelli suggests to verify that the Retailer is able to provide, although geographically distant, the necessary assistance for on-site installation and activation of the warranty.
Ravelli is not responsible for purchases made from non-authorized dealers or products installed by non-official. Service Centers which, by the way, cannot guarantee the use of Ravelli’s original spare parts.