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Block 7

3,3 - 6,6 kW

170 m3



5 - 10,5 kW

250 m3


Whisper 9 Super

4,3 - 8,1 kW

195 m3


Circular 7

3,6 - 6,4 kW

170 m3


Hoop 7

3,2 - 6,5 kW

185 m3



5,6 - 20 kW

480 m3



7 - 23,4 kW

560 m3



4,4 - 17,2 kW

410 m3



4,4 - 12,1 kW

315 m3



2,4 - 5,3 kW

130 m3


SC 90

3,3 - 8,3 kW

200 m3


Sphere V

4,9 - 10,8 kW

250 m3


S 70

2,9 - 6,4 kW

170 m3



3,2 - 8 kW

200 m3


Whisper 7

4,3 - 6,6 kW

160 m3


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The Element Experience: 360 degrees emotions

Welcome to Ravelli stoves, live in a world with 360 degrees of constant synergy with nature. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, a cycle that never ceases to renew itself. The Element Experience is an infinite narration, and Ravelli continues to make history every day.

Ravelli Systems: all ways to experience the warmth.

You live your house and you know it more than anyone else. You know what it needs when it comes to heat. Heat small or large spaces, integrating the domestic hot water heating or trying a unique cooking experience. Our Convection, Air, Flow, Hydro and Cooking systems have different technical characteristics to be evaluated together with the characteristics of your home, to find out which system is the best suited to you.


Natural Convection, the natural system that works following the natural convective air moves.



Air allows the heating of one room with forced ventilation system.


Stoves and inserts spreads heat in most rooms of the house, integrating with existing heating system or perfectly replacing it.


The Hydro system allows to heat the house and at the same time, thanks to the Acs Kit, it feeds your hot water system.


A Timeless ritual, the best way to cook in a natural way, merging tradition and innovation.

Your savings

Pellet Stoves: Compare the cost of heating using the main fuels and choose the most convenient way to heat your home.

Points of sale

Ravelli pellet stoves can be found in many specialist stores: find the nearest dealer.

Firex 600

The combustion chamber of Ravelli products are made of FIREX600 a particular material obtained from processing the vermiculite.