Heat that can cook

A Timeless Ritual

The crackling of the fire, a flame that heats both the body and soul, these are magical sensations, pleasures that time does not turn off. The Cooking system, perfectly combining tradition and innovation, is able to wrap your home in a unique atmosphere. Everything is special, even the little things: a hot tea, the preparation of lunch, the warmth of the kitchen, the experience of cooking. The excitement of the fire will become a pleasant daily ritual.

The heat who can cook

Cooking is inspired by the art of cooking as nature intended, just as once, in accordance with the traditions handed down from generation to generation. A unique experience that perfectly combines with your habits and beautifully tells the meeting between the most fascinating tradition with our most advanced technology.

  • Heating up: The use of environmentally friendly fuels, wood or pellet, allows maintaining high efficiency and low consumptionwhile producing, due to radiation, a pleasant natural warmth. The system ensures easy cleaning and safe management.
  • Furnishing: A cooker by Ravelli is a beautiful piece of furniturecharacterized by a careful design, that perfectly matches both a classic and modern style, a place where it is possible to rediscover the joys of cooking in the traditional way.
  • Cooking: The system allows you to cook evenly, allowing food to cook perfectly respecting its time and flavour: due to the special shape and the isolation the oven features, you can reach very high temperatures, over 300 °C, keeping them constant. The radiant hob, made of cast iron plates and located above the combustion chamber, allows letting food at a uniform temperature.
How it works

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The heat that can cook

You live your home and you know it better than anyone else. You know what it needs even when it comes to heat. Heating small or large spaces, integrating heating with the domestic hydraulic system or trying a unique cooking experience. Our Convection, Air, Flow, Hydro and Cooking systems have different technical aspects, peculiarities to be evaluated together with the characteristics of your home to find out which system better suits you. Choose the system for you:

Warmth as nature intended

The Convection system was developed by observing and accommodating the movement of air caused by temperature changes. The result is a diffuse and uniform heat in a single environment, generated with minimal energy expenditure. In terms of optimizing energy impact, Convection can be integrated into the existing heating system, reducing consumption and ensuring the performance of an intelligent and natural flame.

The fire with the feet on the ground

The Air system works thanks to forced-air devices that guarantee the heating needed for an individual room more or less wide. It only uses natural fuel, wood or pellet, eco-friendly and clean for a low environmental impact. The Air range consists of numerous models that differ not only in terms of power, but also for cladding and design, to perfectly fit the style of your home and your personal taste.

Well-being Throughout the house

The Flow system spreads heat in most rooms of the house, integrating with existing heating system or perfectly replacing it. Its use permits strict control of heat diffusion among the various rooms where the air is channelled.

The revolution of the elements

The Hydro system allows to heat the house and at the same time, thanks to the Acs Kit, it feeds your hot water system. With the Hydro system you can completely replace the traditional oil or gas fuelled boiler, saving on consumption and costs with special attention to the environment.