Technology, ideas in movement


Warmth as nature intended

The Convection system was developed by observing and accommodating the movement of air caused by temperature changes. The result is a diffuse and uniform heat in a single environment, generated with minimal energy expenditure. In terms of optimizing energy impact, Convection can be integrated into the existing heating system, reducing consumption and ensuring the performance of an intelligent and natural flame.


The fire with the feet on the ground

The Air system works thanks to forced-air devices that guarantee the heating needed for an individual room more or less wide. It only uses natural fuel, wood or pellet, eco-friendly and clean for a low environmental impact. The Air range consists of numerous models that differ not only in terms of power, but also for cladding and design, to perfectly fit the style of your home and your personal taste.


Well-being Throughout the house

The Flow system spreads heat in most rooms of the house, integrating with existing heating system or perfectly replacing it. Its use permits strict control of heat diffusion among the various rooms where the air is channelled.


The revolution of the elements

The Hydro system allows to heat the house and at the same time, thanks to the Acs Kit, it feeds your hot water system. With the Hydro system you can completely replace the traditional oil or gas fuelled boiler, saving on consumption and costs with special attention to the environment.


A Timeless Ritual

The crackling of the fire, a flame that heats both the body and soul, these are magical sensations, pleasures that time does not turn off. The Cooking system, perfectly combining tradition and innovation, is able to wrap your home in a unique atmosphere. Everything is special, even the little things: a hot tea, the preparation of lunch, the warmth of the kitchen, the experience of cooking. The excitement of the fire will become a pleasant daily ritual.


Zero noise. Infinite quietness

When you close the door of your house behind you you need to clear your mind and focus on yourself and the space around you, to find an environment calm and relaxed in which recuperate your energy. We’ve identified what’s important to you and to your well-being working to make the heating system a discreet presence, able to give you that silence you look for, together with a uniform and welcoming warmth. Silence is an achievement we are proud of.

Zero daily maintenance

What do we have of more precious than time? We seek it always: to learn, to share, to relax, to play and to discover, a time to be. We know it, that’s why we developed a series of innovative technologies that make the maintenance of the product easy and fast, with minimal effort. These include the self-cleaning brazier, a revolutionary automatic cleaning system making the heating element more autonomous, allowing you to save time in routine maintenance and providing added convenience. Now you can finally enjoy with comfort the pleasure of open flame.

Zero dispersion. Infinite natural way

Light, clean air to breathe. With us innovation meets the simplicity of nature. This combination, with respect and attention, a conception of heating that exploiting the natural convection of air evens out the heat in each room of your home, a low-energy system that eliminates disturbances. Also with the airtight system, ideal for passive houses, air is taken from the outside without to use the oxygen present in the house.

Zero worries. Infinite safety

To make you live better, safely we designed our heat in its maximum technological expression, such as the sensors on the opening and closing areas, safety mechanisms that prevent breakage of glass in the event of a gas leakage, a management software that allows you to keep everything under control at all times. Keep safe the things that matter most to you with a highly innovative system, a highly advanced solutions in terms of reliability. Now you don’t have to think about anything, just enjoy the warmth of your beautiful home.