Ravelli Group

Ravelli is one of the world’s most important manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces, boilers and cookers powered by renewable sources such as pellets and wood.

With over 20 years of industry leader experience, Ravelli has successfully transformed from a family-run business into a model of managerial organization supported by an institutional financial investor. In November 2018, OpenGate Capital completed the acquisition of Ravelli as a corollary of the important acquisition of Jøtul Group, a renowned Norwegian brand leader in the production of wood stoves and fireplaces acquired by OpenGate in March 2018, with the aim of achieving a strong synergy between two companies.

Ravelli exports the “Made in Italy” to more than 40 countries with a strong presence in Europe, through a large network of agents and distributors, and in the rest of the world with exports also to South Africa, Chile, Japan, New Zealand, ensuring a strong geographical presence on every continent.

Ravelli’s development program aims at further consolidating its position and expansion in the sector market, through major investments in Research and Development and thanks to the collaboration with selected studies and professionals able to enhance the characteristics of its products, making each stove more than just one heating appliance and well beyond a simple home-furnishing item.

Research & Development

The technical department is the place where our engineers create the new models and technologies of our products, with constant attention to innovation, reliability and environmental sustainability, with the aim of bringing pellet and wood heating systems at their maximum expression.

Within our Test Area, the products are subjected to strict controls and checks that ensure their reliability and durability over time.

The Laboratory, made up of a team of engineers, works in close collaboration with the technical office with the aim of designing products with the best level of energy efficiency, reliability and safety.

At the end of the laboratory tests, all models are sent to the most important European Certification Institutes.

These certifications attest to the conformity of our internal audits with international standards, giving proof of quality, safety and compliance with current environmental standards, and certifying our commitment towards total satisfaction of customer expectations, both in terms of product design and terms of functionality and performance.

100% Italian style

Here at Ravelli we believe that being an Italian brand means more than simply upholding tradition.

It means avant-garde design, inspired by the most contemporary trends in architecture and interior design and combined and explored in our products, with the overall goal of creating the ideal vessels for our technological innovations.

It means meticulous attention to detail, creating a coordinated overall result where every element is carefully selected. It means guaranteeing the highest manufacturing quality in every system, every product and every component, always with a primary focus on safety and with a view to creating products that feel truly made to measure. These are what it truly means to be “Made in Italy”.

Finally, it means being constantly and acutely aware of the everyday needs of each person and family, understanding how best to respond to individual needs and designing truly customised heating solutions.