Cleaner air, a more pleasant environment

Sealed combustion chamber for passive houses:the air is taken from outside, in this way the stove does not take the air away from the room.

The technologically advanced RHS system was studied to take the combustion air directly from outside, through

the coaxial pipe. This particular pipe has the function to discharge smokes and at the same time to take the air from outside. Thanks to the RHS system we can get important benefits under several aspects:

  •  More Comfort -The stove uses oxygen from outside without taking it away from the inside of the house – You do not need the air inlet in the room – The temperature is always constant and balanced because there is no inlet of cold air from outside. 
  •  More Savings -We avoid the waste of energy and thanks to the coaxial pipe we recover also the heat of exhaust smokes, which is exploited to heat the combustion air – The combustion offers high efficiency due to the more complete air tightness of the system whose result is less fuel consumption.