Smart Firepot

Ravelli’s self-cleaning brazier

Every year Google publishes the ranking of the most frequent questions asked by web users. In the Top Ten of this ranking for the year 2016, one of the main doubts of those who own a pellet stove appears:

Why does the firepot get clogged?

Because it’s not a Ravelli self-cleaning firepot!

In traditional firepots

In traditional firepots, the deposit of combustion ashes on the bottom of the firepot clogs the holes necessary for air passage and hinders its flow. This results in frequent cleaning of the firepot, up to several times a day, with the consequent loss of time and heat, as manual cleaning requires waiting for the stove to cool down completely.

Ravelli’s solution: the patented self-cleaning brazier. 

Ravelli’s Research & Development department has put an end to this waste by developing the Intelligent Brazier, a self-cleaning brazier. This is a patented technology with a high rate of innovation that automatically detects the state of the stove and, if necessary, turns off the flame, performs cleaning and ash emptying operations and reignites the flame. All this in just 10 minutes to maintain room temperature.

A brazier that makes you and the environment happy.

In addition to reducing cleaning time and effort to zero, the self-cleaning brazier stands out for its regularity in combustion rate, which optimizes pellet consumption in terms of long-term savings and ensures constant operation with greater control of emissions, including the PM10 fine dust. 

Zero daily maintenance: our Zero Philosophy.

The Intelligent Brazier is a patented system and is currently implemented in over 20 models. The company’s development plan provides for further expansion of its use. Self-cleaning is at the heart of the company’s Zero Philosophy brand, a true philosophy of daily well-being with which Ravelli has revolutionized the way we experience domestic warmth: zero maintenance, zero heat loss, zero noise and zero worries. Technological innovation at your service for complete control of your heating.

The answer to the question why does the brazier clog up?

Blogs, forums, threads and tutorials suggest different answers to the question, but the only valid answer to the question why does the brazier clog up? That’s because it is not a Ravelli’s intelligent self-cleaning brazier!