Innovation in your hands

Ravelli’s new products are equipped with renewed electronics, allowing stove users to customize the warmth of their home environment. SmartTech features an intuitive and simple interface, remotely controlling all device functions. It integrates many scalable functions dedicated to the service network responsible for installation, testing, and support for our products.

Complete freedom
Choose how to control your stove

  • Connect your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and use it as a remote control
  • Control your stove with a remote* and precisely adjust the temperature thanks to the integrated probe
  • Place the control panel as you prefer: remove it or fix it wherever you want, on the stove or on the wall

  • Increase thermal comfort: with the TSense wireless probes you can measure the temperature at any point.

Guaranteed simplicity
Easy to use and programmable, it adapts to every need thanks to its ability to self-regulate with any type of certified pellet.


Maximum efficiency
With SmartTech, you get the constant heat you want while minimizing consumption, achieving optimal performance.


100% eco-friendly
Thanks to its advanced combustion control, Smart Tech guarantees eco-friendly performance without compromise.


Absolute reliability
With automatic updates and reduced maintenance, Smart Tech keeps up with your needs, offering you unparalleled peace of mind.

Maximum simplicity
With Smart Tech, the pellet self-regulates and is controlled automatically. Each model features a standard configuration, eliminating confusion and ensuring an intuitive and functional experience for all your customers.

Complete with all optionsEquipped with advanced features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, remote control, and a dedicated app, our Smart Tech electronics offer an unprecedented user experience.


High performance

Thanks to our cutting-edge algorithm, pellet stoves with Smart Tech work more efficiently and perform optimally in all conditions.


Increase your sales

Leverage the potential of our technology to boost your revenue. With the ability to cross-sell accessories and services and up-sell more advanced models, you can offer your customers a complete and satisfying experience.

Immediate efficiency
Simplified installation and first ignition with only two parameters to set*

Total controlMore precise and specific parameters and alarms for optimal management.



A single board for all needs, reducing warehouse load and simplifying maintenance.


Advanced professionalism

Wireless installation and targeted intervention management thanks to the machine’s self-regulation and alarm history. Customers can contact you directly through the dedicated app.

*These conditions apply to installations with flues that comply with regulations.


Control your stove with complete freedom

Schedule on and off times, adjust the temperature, control the ventilation, and view the history. Download the app to control your stove with absolute simplicity and maximum comfort.