Technology, ideas in movement

Ravelli Lab is the laboratory of ideas where we work anticipating the wishes you have yet to express. We experience, we dare, we improve, one step forward, one after another. We think that innovation is necessary only if it improves the quality of life, for this aesthetic research and technological study never work independently, but in constant synergy with functionality. Evolution moves, we bring it to your door.

We capture the latest trends in architecture and interior design, working with designer able to unveil the precious secrets of materials to enhance each of their feature. Like industrial designer Daniele Gualeni, who draws the patterns of our product lines tying ergonomics and shape customization, enhancing each volume so that each piece is unique. We interpret the attention to every single detail and attention towards innovation, shaping a recognisable aesthetic able to perfectly integrate into your environment, making a great difference. To stand out style is required.

Ash Tray

A functional and easily accessible ash pan collects all the burned out ash.

Cast Iron Heat Exchanger

An efficient temperature exchange process means a perfectly heated home. The exchangers accumulate heat, optimising the exchange with the environment and for long periods.


The attractively shaped stove body is in colourful ceramic for a high prestige finish and excellent heat diffusion.


Ceramic Resistance

It ensures ignition in a short time because it reaches very quickly temperatures > 750 °C. It is characterised by high energy efficiency and reliability over time much greater compared to a traditional resistance, being very resistant to thermal stresses and corrosion.

Clear Combustion

In clean combustion we have two advantages: the closed combustion chamber which guarantees a high quality of the fumes, both inlet and outlet and the cleaning of the glass

Firex 600/700

The special combustion chamber made with Firex 600/700, a material based on vermiculite, results of the research and development conducted by Ravelli


Flow Meter

The flow meters acts as an additional safety system in case of anomalies.

Glass Cleaning System

An additional air duct creates an air passage between the flame and the ceramic glass, ensuring cleaning for several hours.


The convenience of switch on and off the stove or adjust the setting from far away just sending a message from your mobile phone.


Hermetic System

The system picks up the combustion air from outside and discharge fumes through a single coaxial pipe that allows latent heat recovery.



The stainless steel heat exchanger increases fire resistance, the life of the stoves and avoids the classic wear problems.


K Probe

It detects the temperature of the flame in the combustion chamber and allows a more reliable and rapid control in the switching on, switching off and re-ignition hot automatic stages of the boiler. 

Lambda Probe

It measures the percentage of oxygen in the fumes, allowing adjusting better the combustion. The boiler can mount the most common automotive sensors NTK or Bosch, combined with specially developed electronic pellet equipment.

Pellet Pilot

Directly linked to the work of the K Probe, Pellet Pilot is an innovative pellet feeding system based on the maximum and minimum output of the machine, to avoid waste and maintain.


Double Cleaning System of the Intelligent brazier, the machine performs an automatic two-stage self-cleaning process. The first uses excess oxygen, while the second cleans the rear section.


RDS is Ravelli’s innovative system for automatically regulating combustion parameters and ensuring maximum efficiency and safety from your stove.



A practical and convenient remote control allows you to adjust temperature and power as required.


The exclusive system for ducted stoves guarantees a control on the diffusion of the heat in different rooms, to get the ideal temperature. 



Ravelli semicircular combustion - The new combustion chamber has been designed in a smaller semicircular shape and the water reaches the desired temperature sooner.


L’umidificatore ambiente a scomparsa aiuta a migliorare la qualità dell’aria negli ambienti troppo secchi. Con l’aggiunta di essenze naturali e balsami si può creare un ambiente piacevole e rilassante.

Smart Combustion

Closed combustion prevents the escape of fumes and increases efficiency

Smart Firepot

Self-cleaning precision casting brazier for better cleaning that maximizes energy efficiency.

Smart Wifi

Simple, immediate and completely customisable, the integrated WiFi enables you to create a heating schedule which you can manage anytime, anywhere.


Smart Wifi Included

Simple, immediate and completely customisable, the integrated WiFi enables you to create a heating schedule which you can manage anytime, anywhere.



The system that alerts you when the pellets are running low, enabling you to manage efficiently and without stress the reloading phase.

Total Kontrol

Total Kontrol is the combination between Ravelli Double Cleaning System and the K probe to generate a better efficiency and functionality.

Touch Remote

New remote control that using radio frequencies allows to control the stove and regulate its functions from another room, optimising accessibility and comfort.


The helix shape of the turbulators reduces the speed of the emissions released by the combustion process, increasing machine performance and keeping the exchanger clean.

Upside Down Flame

It is called inverted flame or reverse flame for the position of the combustion chamber, located below the compartment in which the wood is loaded.

Wet Flue Ways

Has been created to maximise the surfaces which come into contact with the water, optimising the heat produced through the combustion process and reducing heat loss and fuel waste.